When you’re young the world seems new.

Growing Up, Poetry is about a collection of poems that captures that Spirit of Youth. Seeing the world through youthful eyes. When grown you can reflect back on memories of times gone by. Times with family and friends. Growing Up, Poetry brings back the emotions that one experiences for all ages at the arrival of spring or when school is out, etc. Growing Up, Poetry are poems that everyone can enjoy for years to come.


It’s been said to pay yourself first.

To save at least 10% of your earnings but why stop at 10%? Why not 20%, 30%, and so on? The problem is that most people may not be able to set aside 10% of their earnings, let alone 20%-30%. My plan begins with 2 steps and teaches you how to save money more easily and better. My plan makes it more affordable for everyone to be able to save money regardless of your job, occupation, debts, location, and etc.


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